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Yes, It's ThomasI’m @thomas, critically-acclaimed news archivist and that’s me at MOS Burger on the beautiful Island of Ishigaki, Japan. You gotta try the Tobikiri Burger, it’s my all-time favorite. Tobikiri translates to superb or extraordinary, and they cut right to the chase by saying that simple is best. A burger that has been honed to perfection over decades. When I invented the first single page news aggregator twenty years ago — I felt like that’s where I am. This is who I am. This is my calling. And to this day, I’m a believer in the same simple concept. As news distribution is now centralised and powered by a handful of media giants, it is harder than ever to be exposed to a variety of views, opinions and trends.

The News ain’t Broken — People Got Lazy

Everybody fell into the mindtrap where an algorithm created by corporations with a biased agenda would make news consumption easier. Serving you seemingly relevant headlines, filtered by a self-pleasing bubble of friends. Easy to digest, catchy and highly sharable for social capital. You’ve heard it all. You even know that you are being played in a fenced off attention trap. But to be broadly informed and less overnewsed, you still gotta do the hard work yourself. I’m sorry to be the bearer of bad news. You will either love or hate my simple answer because there is no middle ground for those who want to read more than the blindingly obvious. Now you can make an informed decision about geniuses.

The Layout Is the Message — Hvper Really Is the Only Remedy for FOMO and News Overload

With Hvper, I want to exhibit the one hundred best news and media sites on the Web, not simply blanket them in a soulless and allegedly relevant avalanche of headlines. Hvper epitomises this simple idea that I’ve been tweaking for two decades and I’m thrilled that I’m able to provide a great tool to explore the news for so many people. But while it may seem like another startup from the outside, its just me researching news sources, writing code and getting the word out. My only goal now is to work full-time on it but since advertising only works well at immense scale, I’m a believer in the concept of 1,000 True Fans.

Even Readers of Free News Become More Moral as Consumers, So I Think Everyone Should Support Thomas

Your contribution as a Pro member will allow me to keep the service running, and most importantly, join the movement to support original makers who believe in the open Web.
If you’re a regular visitor of Hvper and have good taste or just want to buy me a burger every month, please consider supporting my efforts so I can continue running the best news aggregator out there. Because in the end it boils down to one question: Do I want the News or Hvper?

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Hvper is the Internet on one page. Successor of Popurls(r), the mother of all aggregators that changed news consumption in 2006.
Invented, conducted & curated by Thomas Marban (@thomas).